Please note that the fee for non-members/visitors is $20.

Upcoming events

    • 19 Jan 2019
    • 9:00 AM
    • 20 Jan 2019
    • 12:18 PM
    • HV NZDA Rifle range, Rimutuka Incline Track, Pakratahi Forest

    True Grit is a one day CAS event - shooting starts at 9.00

    Main match before and after lunch, then after afternoon tea (for those that need it) long range pistol ( up to 80 odd m) and rifle ( up to 125M) calibre, long range single shot (up to 200M) and a couple of 22 events as well then dinner and socialising.

    True Grit ammo requirements

    • 6 main matches 120 pistol/rifle rnds, 24+ shotgun
    • Pistol calibre Long Range 10 rnds
    • Rifle calibre long range 10 rnds
    • Single shot 10 rnds
    • 22 - as much as you want to shoot

    Sunday you are free to have the day to travel home (great for any that travel any distance) or you could stay and compete in the Kaitoke Klassic" on the sunday (there is space to camp on range inc sleeping in clubrooms or there will be some billeting available)

    The "Kaitoke Classic" is an IPSC style match (mainly steel targets and with movement) specifically set up for 45 single stack 1911's  and double action revolvers 38 cal and above (not suitable for Single action revolvers. The idea is that stages would be set up to be around 15 to 24 rounds, (2 to 3 reloads with a "classic") 

    Any questions email Trapper

    Entries close 24th Dec


    • Full days shooting Saturday plus Sunday mornings Kaitoke Klassic shoot
    • Lunch and dinner Saturday - on range
    • Shooter $50
    • Non Shooter/Junior $30

    All entry fees to be paid to  38-9018-0040458-00 and use your alias as reference

    Camping available – Toilet on range, no shower or power available

     The Kaitoke Pistol Club (and the landowner HV NZDA) reserve the right to refuse entry to any persons.

    • 20 Jan 2019
    • 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM
    KPC will run the 2nd annual "Kaitoke Klassic" action event again on Sunday 20th of january  at the HV NZDA Rang at Kaitoke, Upper Hutt.

    The "Kaitoke Classic" is an IPSC /wild bunch style event set up for Classic guns, specifically 1911 45 single stacks (7rnd mag) or revolvers (6 shot).

    The idea is that stages would be set up to be around 15 to 24 rounds, (2 to 3 reloads with a "classic")

    Of course people can shoot it with any pistol (with restriction to 7 rnds in their mags) , but the winner will be the top shooter shooting "Kaitoke Klassic Class"

    Kaitoke Classic Class

    • A1 or similar original style 1911 45ACP single stack, open sights, 7 rnd mags (no compensators etc etc)
    • Revolvers - any six shot revolver, 38 cal and bigger, again open sights, no comp, weights etc

    We will Run the event as 3 or 4 stages if we have time (with stages largely steel target based). Visitors pay $20

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