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IPSC - International Practical Shooting

Practical shooting is a sport in which competitors are required to combine accuracy, speed and power to successfully complete many different types of shooting "problems". Competitors use centerfire handguns in large calibers (9mm/.38 special is the minimum allowed) and shoot full-power loads. These handguns are carried in belt holsters and are accompanied by spare magazines or speedloaders in pouches also attached to the belt.  

At any given match a shooter may be required to shoot targets 2 meters away in one event, and 50 meters away in the next. Sometimes the targets are paper, sometimes they are steel. Often "no-shoot" penalty targets are placed near "shoot" targets. Realistic props are used to simulate a scenario that the shooter must complete. Shooting may be done from freestyle, strong hand, weak hand, prone, or any other imaginable position, depending on the course of fire. Since scoring uses both total points and elapsed time, the shooters strive to find the best combination of accuracy, speed, and power to win.

Metallic Silhouette                                                                                           

Metallic silhouette shooting is a group of target shooting disciplines that involves shooting at metal cutouts representing game animals at varying distances. The targets used are rams, turkeys, pigs, and chickens, which are cut to different scales and set at certain distances from the shooter depending on the specific discipline.

 Targets are engaged in order of distance: chickens, pigs, turkeys, rams. The target must be knocked down or pushed off the target stand in order to score a hit; even a shot ricocheting off the ground in front of the target will count if it takes down the correct target. Shooters are allowed to have a spotter with them, who watches where the shots land and advises the shooter on corrections to make.  A match consists of 10 shots at each distance for a total of 40 shots. The full size and 1/2 size centerfire targets are set at 50, 100, 150, and 200 meters. Smallbore targets are set at 25, 50, 75 and 100 yards.

Common handguns used are revolvers in .357,  44 caliber but you can shoot any centrefire handgun. Single shot handguns are mostly TC's.  Smallbore handguns are any .22 long rifle in revolver, single shot or semi auto configuration. Scopes and spotters are allowed in both centerfire and smallbore.  we also shoot a Cowboy Silhouette match, where shooters use lever action guns of the western era, with lead projectiles.

3-Gun Event/Multi-Gun (Pistol, Rifle & Shotgun)

“3 Gun” uses many of the same principles as Action Shooting.  In addition to shooting pistol, competitors will add long guns to the mix.  While 3 gun implies pistol, rifle and shotgun, any combination can be used in a course.  Competitors will be presented with stages that require the use of one to three guns on the same course.  Stages are "problems" that the shooter must solve under a timed format where accuracy and firearm power are factors.  A sling is recommended for long guns.

Corporate Shooting Event:

Our club is accepting request for a corporate shooting activities for a minimal shooting range usage fees (for further information on this, please contact our KPC Treasurer for booking & payment of necessary fees - allocation of ammunition to be used & the necessary pistols & other firearms to be used.

As of this date the following already have done their corporate shooting events with our club, viz.:  Aoraki Construction Ltd (30 participants) & the New Zealand Diplomatic Corps (18 participants)...

Speed Steel Challenge (8 Stages - International Standard)

In NZ the format is the same, your time is your score. He who has the least will win! 5 runs and keep your best 4 to count so the scoring couldn't be simpler. All penalties are +3 seconds to your time, max time allowed on a single string is 30 seconds. So you can see in practice exactly what you are capable of. This is markedly different to IPSC, where your score is a percentage of someone else's score.

Speed Shooting as it is known in NZ began in 1987 and has run ever since. The stages run in the states have changed several times & at one stage were changing every year. Today, the stages shot in New Zealand are exactly the same as shot by the Steel Challenge Shooting Association (SCSA) in the USA.

These are Roundabout, Pendulum, Smoke and Hope, Outer Limits, Speed Option, Accelerator, Five to Go and Showdown.

CAS - Cowboy Action Shooting

Cowboy Action Shooting recreates life in the Wild West by shooting a course of fire designed to depict an old west historical shootout, a movie scene or just someone's idea of the wild west.

Various target set-ups are made to resemble a western scene and scores are made according to elapsed time and accuracy in hitting the targets. There is a penalty of five seconds added to your elapsed time for each missed shot, and failure to shoot and move through the stage in the specified order will also cause a time penalty. The winning shooter will have a combination of the lower elapsed time and the most hits in the correct order. There is no advantage to missing fast. A shot timer automatically records your total time at your last shot.

To add to this fantasy sport, all shooters are required to wear some form of period dress. Long pants (or dresses for the ladies), boots, cowboy hat and shirts with long sleeves will do. For firearms you will need two single action revolvers, a lever action or pump action rifle (in pistol cal) and a side-by-side shotgun (without ejectors) or a model 1897-pump action shotgun (with exposed hammer). Guns must be of pre 1900 design but modern versions like Ruger, Colt clones and Norinco 97's are acceptable. You will also need holsters and a carrier or belt for shot shells. All bullets are lead and have maximum velocity requirements.

When starting out you will find other shooters are happy to help you out by loaning gear and guns. This is a great way of finding out what type of guns and holsters suit you.

This is a fun, exciting family sport that has a shooting category for you!

Kaitoke Pistol Club Upper Hutt


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